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Belt Loops: RIP, Ontario Sneed

Ontario Sneed in the 2007 MAC Championship Game. (Photo credit: Robert Barclay/CMU)
Ontario Sneed in the 2007 MAC Championship Game. (Photo credit: Robert Barclay/CMU)

News and links about MAC coverage that we can't expand into 300 words:

• We mentioned it last night but Ontario Sneed's sudden death is still fresh in our minds. We don't know much more about the circumstances although CMU athletic director Dave Heeke confirmed it.

Looking back in the MAC Championship record books, Sneed's 96-yard touchdown in 2006 is a championship record for longest play from scrimmage. His freshman year was probably his best, garnering him on the second team All-American by the Sporting News in 2005 and an All-MAC honorable mention (which today would've been the third team). He was also a prolific receiver out of the backfield and his receptions accounted for about one-third of his production.

If you were a Chips fan during his time at Mount Pleasant, you were probably a serial offender of yelling "Sneeeeeeeeeeed!" from the stands. A definite fan favorite, and certainly a life taken too early. His 26th birthday would've been in a couple weeks.

• Getting back to more normal news — abnormal as it is, but stuff we're more comfortable discussing without wanting to tear up — I want to expand on the Rob Murphy news from yesterday. As it was pointed out from a reader later that night, one of the scouts fired from the Magic this offseason as they cleaned house was a man named Al Walker, who is now an assistant coach for the Buffalo women's basketball team. Prior to being with the Magic, Walker was the head coach at Binghamton. Whether he was forced out or resigned remains to be seen but at least there's a precedent that the Magic like people with coaching experience in this position.

And if it's true that the Magic reached out to him, then good luck to him. The Magic need all the help they can get. They might even be a more daunting rebuilding job than EMU. And while we say all this ... the news remains unofficial as Murphy's name is still listed as coach on the Eastern site.

• The recently graduated Kent State guard Michael Porrini is no chicken, he's going to Turkey to play for Gelisim Koleji, currently in the second tier of the Turkish Basketball League. Porrini was an excellent defender. His dream is to get to the NBA, and what basketball player's dream isn't that, but I hope he has fun over there. Former players for Gelisim include former OHIO #omgdunx specialist DeVaughn Washington.

• Finally, a secret message:


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