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Be Somebody! Be A Mid-American Conference Writer

Pretty much everyone on this fair site falls into one of the four groups:

• Aspiring future full-time sportswriters
• Current full-time sportswriters
• People with full-time jobs with a writing hobby
• People who just like sports

The common thread is that we all attended, or are partial to, a particular Mid-American Conference institution. We are also all cool people who smell nice. We are all SOMEBODY. And that could be you too!

What you're interested in is what we're interested in. Covering news, sharp analysis, breaking down footage, silly jokes, hilarious Photoshops, GIFsmithing, video podcastery ... we're all for it. You can be a fan of a specific school (any school, but ESPECIALLY OHIO, Kent State and Buffalo because halp we have nobody from those schools) or maybe you just like only football or only basketball or only soccer. Yes, that's great! Come right in!

Email me here ( and give us:

1. A rundown of what teams/sports you like
2. Some quick samples of your writing style
3. Why you think you're a neat person
4. Which MAC mascot you think is most likely to win in a wrestling match. (Remember: Rufus sucker-punched.)

One caveat: we cannot bail you out if your glasses handle invention leads to a class-action suit, but we will testify as a character witness.