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Belt Loops: Homework Already?

News and notes about the Mid-American Conference too brief to warrant its own post:

• Classes began for Toledo, Bowling Green, Ball State, Miami today. Learning earlier than the rest? I like it. They should all go to bowl games because of it.

• So Buffalo has a starting quarterback: they're going with Alex Zordich, a junior who experienced the starting role for a few games back in 2010 and hey let's not look at the numbers that was two years ago I'm sure he's better now. The the other primary contender to the throne was redshirt freshman Joe Licata. This leaves Kent State as the only legitimate question mark as to who will start. With just about everyone else we already know.

• Women's soccer went 4-8 on opening day and 3-3-1 on Sunday. And in the case of Toledo, this is the first time I've ever heard "stubs toe" as a metaphor for losing. But I'm always in favor of creative headlines, as evidenced by the greatest headline pun in MAC game story history.

• ESPN has a good post on Charley Molnar, and I have to snicker because, having previously been an OC for Notre Dame, the post is categorized under the Notre Dame blog. I have a feeling the ND-centric won't be following UMass much more after this.

• Toledo offensive lineman A.J. Lindeman has a tattoo of the Glass Bowl on his arm, probably not to scale.