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So, About The BlogPoll Results

Eastern Michigan, top-rated preseason MAC team?
Eastern Michigan, top-rated preseason MAC team?

You saw our man Phil participate in this, right? Good. Everyone else voted too. And here are the results of the entire BlogPoll for the preseason.

If you're looking to cut straight to the MAC teams, good on you. They landed as follows:

No. 40: Eastern Michigan
No. 49: OHIO
No. 50: Central Michigan
No. 67 (tie): Northern Illinois
No. 67 (tie): Ball State

WHAT? EASTERN MICHIGAN? AND CENTRAL? [smoke emits from ears] [the smoke is green and white and maroon and gold]

That's the beauty of the BlogPoll transparency. I looked up the team voting breakdown and came up with something unusual. Excellent Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries just took the concept of a preseason poll to task and voted down the lines of graduation rates. EMU was 8th, Central Michigan 16th. Heck, it's as good a reason as any.

In terms of "voting by strength of football team," OHIO saw its way on four ballots: 21st, 22nd and two 25ths. Both No. 25 votes were MAC voters, actually. Northern Illinois got a single No. 25 vote from The Only Colors. And Over The Pylon voted Ball State 25th because of course they did.

It's nice to see OHIO get some attention, because they didn't garner a single AP or coaches poll vote. The only one to register was Northern Illinois, and I think that had to be a muscle memory vote for some writers who couldn't think of a No. 25.

In terms of our first week opponents, Georgia (playing Buffalo) was ranked 7th, Ohio State (hosting Miami) is 18th and Florida (who gets BGSU) is 24th. All the better to upset them with.