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Report: Caleb Porter Takes Portland Timbers Job

Well, that's it. Akron's super soccer coach Caleb Porter is bolting from the MAC to the MLS. I don't think we can often say a MAC coach goes straight to the head coach of a major professional sports team but he's that pedigree.

KPAM860 is saying that the press conference is scheduled for 10:45 AM PDT to announce him as the coach. The season is over for the Timbers, so it will likely be learned that, yes, Porter is the head coach, and also what his plans are with the Akron team this year. My guess — and others have speculated this — that Porter will coach Akron through the end of the season, then join the Timbers in time for the SuperDraft. Hey, he might even draft one of his own.

If that's how it's going to be, then at least he has a plan and doesn't leave the program in shambles. UA has sunk so much money and effort into building a top college soccer program and they've done that. One man does not, can not, and should not make an elite program. Akron athletic director Tom Wistrcill gets three months to devise the right plan for this program. If UA suddenly falls into obscurity after Porter, then it was not meant to be.

Akron plays four games in two weeks on the road. Their next home game is September 14, a tournament they are hosting, against St. John's. With presumably between seven and nine games left in the Caleb Porter Era, I have to imagine that attendance records are going to be shattered even beyond what they were in previous years. Farewell tours sometimes feel drawn out but this one might be pretty special.