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#MACsketball Schedules Released: It's Almost Here

It may be just August 29th to the normal human being, but to some today marked a beginning. That is, the beginning of the anticipation of the MAC Basketball Season. Football is right around the corner, but it's never too early to look ahead at the 2012-13 basketball season.

The MAC released the conference portion of the schedule today, and many other MAC member institutions took that opportunity to release their own schedule. In a #MACsketball fan's mind, this day ranks right up there with a birthday, a national holiday, or maybe even a day off of work. Below the jump, check out a bunch of links to the schedules released today.


Bowling Green

Eastern Michigan

Kent State


Northern Illinois



Western Michigan

Previously released:

Central Michigan

Yet to be released:


Ball State


If you notice, the MAC switched up their conference schedule just a tad. Previous seasons had the first five games as intra-divisional games, the next six as cross-division, then the final five intra-divisional. This season, the MAC made the first eleven games a mixture of divisional and cross-divisional opponents, which is interesting to say the least. Trying to minimize the East division's dominance over the West may be the ultimate goal of this move. The final five games are within the division, making those races more and more interesting.

Once all schedules have been released, we'll dig in a little deeper to the best games, sort of like we did for football.

42 days. Just 42 days.