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2012 MAC Pick'em

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We're BACK! That's right folks, just under 4 weeks until Ball State and Eastern Michigan kick-off the 2012 football season, and we return last year's fun-filled MAC Pick'em. Want to test your mettle against our best? Want to try and dethrone last year's champ (me)? Want to possibly earn a prize? Just sign in/sign up, and play. You can reply here, or in the first couple weeks to register.

The rules pretty much remain the same: MAC games only. Conference, non-conference, post-season. However, I now put a voting in your hands. For an additional 3 points (full scoring is below), we can pick the "Game of The Week" in all of the D-1 slate. Meaning, while we pick all the MAC games, we would also pick the Michigan-Alabama winner week 1.

Scoring is the same as last year:

Non-conference games with a MAC Team
MAC conference games
Game(s) of the Week (as voted on by fans and decided on by admin)
x2 bonus
MAC Championship game
Bowl Games with a MAC team
Bonus for detailed/explained picks*
National Game of the Week**

*detailed/explained picks are fairly simple: explain why you picked the team you did, or explain the game for us. get involved basically. My rule of thumb: 2/3 of the games must be covered.

**if voted in

Tie-breakers have just one change:

  • Weekly tie-breakers stay the same: Points, Highest scoring MAC team, Lowest scoring MAC team. If tie remains, co-winners are announced as we have no duel to the death (for now, muahahaha)
  • Overall tiebreakers are a little different. In order: Points, MAC Championship game winner, MACCG total score (31-24 = 55 final score), # of weeks won (gone is the halftime score)
  • If the tie remains, then we go to bowl game score. Total number of MAC points scored.

I keep the scoring on a nice Excel spreadsheet on my computer, so total scores are neatly done. Weekly scores are tallied and posted by me every week, so if you feel like there is a discrepancy with your score, we play by street rules here: Call your own fouls. Other than that, its pretty simple on your end.

This year, I am announcing the grand prize here and now. Barring anything unforeseen, the Grand Prize will be a $50 Gift Card to Buffalo Wild Wings. Unforeseen circumstances include, but are not limited to: we actually find a sponsor for this shindig this year and get something cooler, I get mauled by a bear, Buffalo Wild Wings goes bankrupt.

Good luck to all, and I'll be back in 3 weeks with the first set of games to pick from.