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People Are Purposely Creating Ohio State Blogs Just To Ask Me About Zac Dysert


So this is a sequence of events that happened Sunday night.

At 10:24 p.m., I received an inquiry from an Ohio State blog if I would answer some questions about the Miami RedHawks in their game against OSU this Saturday. Two minutes later, I received an inquiry form an Ohio State blog if I would answer some questions about the Miami Redhawks in their game against OSU this Saturday. When the dust settled, the total number of inquiries became: four Q&As, two podcast requests, and only one of them was not about Miami. Even Torquemada had his limits.

Some of them are already live around the Internet. Read if you like to learn things.

Luke Zimmermann at Land-Grant Holy Land asked me about some personnel questions but also touched on the "(Ohio") of "Miami (Ohio)" subject which the university has begrudgingly accepted as its identity.

Next up was the behemoth known as Eleven Warriors, and they actually wanted me twice: once for their podcast with Johnny Ginter and also for Elika Sadeghi's congenial Q&A session. The written and the spoken word. You need to do everything.

Then it was The Buckeye Battle Cry who had even more questions. I am also pretty sure everyone here is interconnected because there was very little overlap on all the inquiries.

(Oh, and I'm also doing another podcast tonight with Buckeye Empire.)

Thankfully, there was a set of questions about Penn State-OHIO. Finally, something radically different! Penn State sporting interest blog Black Shoe Diaries dipped back into the hustle well yet again and asked me more background questions on the Bobcats, their season outlook and what this game would mean in the macro perspective of the Bobcats program.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have subconscious dreams about Jason Semmes' TFL total from last year.