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MAC Hockey Just Has Incredible Goalie Masks

The Big Slubowski. (Photo via WMU Athletics/Head Strong Grafx)
The Big Slubowski. (Photo via WMU Athletics/Head Strong Grafx)

Yeah, it's football season. But THIS IS HOW HOCKEY MAKES NEWS IN AUGUST.

Thanks to his last name, Western Michigan goaltender Frank Slubowski has been given the nickname "The Big Slubowski," because there is still hope left for the next generation. The above goalie mask made the Internet/hockey rounds yesterday, thanks to some nice promotion by WMU Athletics. Puck Daddy shared it. Darren Rovell shared it. And now I am sharing it. Well, those are the three, right?

Slubowski's is good, and I am not a fanatic about the Big Lebowski film, I have to stay partial to Bowling Green goalie Andrew "Hamburglar" Hammond's mask, which also portrays a copyrighted character but a bit of school history as well. I am also hoping BGSU students are chanting "Robble Robble" every time he makes a save next year.

I haven't seen any Miami masks this year, but the pressure is on to airbrush something incredible for their last ride together in the CCHA.