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MAC Football: Stupid Fourth Quarters

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Two more games in the books, both of them strikingly similar.

FLORIDA 27, BOWLING GREEN 14 — I can't be mad at this one. The outcome was inevitable, even if it was in question, briefly. Two wonderful highlights here: Anthon Samuel's touchdown run which ended in a 15-yard penalty for this gator chomp, and Brian Schmiedebusch's successful fake punt run which set that play up. Then there was Dwayne Woods sacking Chris Jones. And then Florida's speed and playmakers in space is not something that the Falcons secondary really wanted to see, although they too knew it was bound to happen.

Who knows how well UF will be this year, but Bowling Green made the Gators completely uncomfortable for three quarters, plus Samuel L. Jackson tweeted about them. Roll it all up together and I am content with 0-1.

IOWA 18, NORTHERN ILLINOIS 17 — Oh, no. After building a 17-9 lead in the third quarter, Iowa added a field goal and rushing touchdown to ice the game in Soldier Field. Jordan Lynch did his work at the QB spot, rushing for a 73-yard touchdown — and he now has 70-yard-or-more touchdowns in his career against Buffalo, Eastern Michigan and Iowa.

The defense also did all right, keeping the Hawkeyes to under 300 total yards These Soldier Field game are great for exposure. Wins ... not so much.