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MAC Power Rankings: Week 2

Beau Blankenship and the Bobcats are a big leap ahead of the rest of the conference for a second week in a row.
Beau Blankenship and the Bobcats are a big leap ahead of the rest of the conference for a second week in a row.

Well hello there fellow MAC fans! Your favorite medical professional and butler extraordinaire had returned to his rightful place providing snarky, judgmental commentary and assessments about you favorite teams every week.

So where to start? Well, no sense changing much this week, The top is still the top, the bottom is still the bottom, and everyone else constitutes carying shades of grey in the in between - though one shift to provide Akron and the Minutemen some new company after another mind-boggling performance up in Michigan.

Could I shuffle the 1-1 teams some? Yeah, probably, but I better pace myself, I don't want you wasting all your complaints in the second week.

Off we go!

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 1 OHIO 2-0 It's good to be king. The Bobcats allowed NMSU to hang around for a while, but Tettleton and Blankenship did what they are good at and OHIO stayed on top.



Well, that was a long way from pretty. I'll cut them some slack because Clemson is a very good team, but let's hope that was a blip on the radar and not something bigger.
3 3 TOLEDO 1-1 It would appear Terrance Owens was good enough to be a starting quarterback on his own after all. It would have been nice if the defense had done a better job to keep it from getting interesting, but it's a win and momentum.
4 4 NIU 1-1 More lopsided than Toledo's win in terms of score, but this was still not an awesome showing by the defense against UT-M. Not many points, but still a bunch of yards, and better teams will convert that.
5 5 BGSU 1-1 The Falcons took their sweet old time putting this Idaho team away. I thought the gap between the two teams was bigger than this, so we shall see what happens going forward.
6 6 KENT STATE 1-1 The Flashes did a respectable job hanging with the SEC for half a game. Unfortunately they then got crushed the rest of the way. Looks like the offense might be useful after all, though.
7 7 BUFFALO 1-1 Alex Zordich completed every first-half pass he threw and Branden Oliver did what he does best - whatever he wanted. This is a fun offense to watch when they're on.
8 9 WMU 1-1 Now there's the Alex Carder we know and love. But 344 yards to Eastern Illinois? Well, one improvement at a time, I suppose.
9 10 CMU 1-1 The Chips stayed home to face the Spartans and well…hey, at least they showed up, huh? One defensive touchdown with just under two minutes left gives them something to build on.
10 11 MIAMI 1-1 Far from amazing - the Redhawks were actually slightly out-gained by SIU - but it gets them in the win column for now, and a confidence boost for next week.
11 8 EMU



Coming into this year, Alex Gillett had 25+ pass attempts four times in 32 games. He is on pace for 354 attempts this season. What is going on here? Run. The ball.
12 12 AKRON 0-2 The Zips blew a two score lead, then gave FIU the tying FG with a late pass interference call. That said, Dalton Williams has 104 pass attempts in two games…I sense a trend.
13 13 UMASS 0-2 This week went better, and they at least scored, but they still fell by a five touchdown margin. Well, just keep plugging along, boys.