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In Two-Deep: Austin Dantin Still Not Technically Toledo's Backup Quarterback

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Is Austin Dantin still a co-starting quarterback? We look at the Toledo depth chart and every other one in the MAC.


Welcome to In Two-Deep, a feature we're trying here on all the depth charts in the MAC and how they change from week-to-week. Many of these changes reflected starts from last week but also factor in injuries, performances and return from suspensions. Warning: because of the play on words, this feature may contain Genesis songs.

We'll try this for a while and see what you think. Going through all the depth charts and comparing them to last week's reveals, we will see how each MAC team's depth charts are evolving.

EASTERN MICHIGAN — At H-receiver, Jay Jones, who started against ISU, replaces David Gibson as the backup. On the D-line, Devin Henderson moved up to starting defensive tackle, switching spots with Travis Linser. And at left defensive end, Omar McFarlane is now listed as the backup between starter Kalonji Kashama and Matt Price; previously it was just those two.

OHIO — For the second straight week, no changes.

TOLEDO — No change to theirs either. The interesting thing here is that Austin Dantin didn't play a snap in the Wyoming game, but he's still an "OR" in the quarterback depth chart alongside Terrance Owens.

BOWLING GREEN — No changes.

AKRON — Last week Dee Frieson was taken of the kick return chart. Now he has been pushed down to backup H-receiver, supplanted by Tyler Williams. Frieson is also now the backup punter returner behind Imani Davis. And there is now a holder on the DC: Zach D'Orazio is listed as that.

MIAMI (OH) — Shakeups on the offense. As we continue with the saga that is the Miami Pile O' Running Backs Justin Semmes and Robert Williams III were removed from the chart. It's now Jamire Westbrook as starter, Spencer Treadwell as backup. Starting right guard Marcus Matthews slid over to left guard to replace Brandyn Cook, out with a finger injury. Trevan Brown is now listed as starting right guard. And at Z-receiver, backup Willie Culpepper was replaced by Jimmy Turvy.

BALL STATE — Welcome back, penis-enhancement pill alleged shoplifter. Jonathan Newsome returns as the starting right end. Michael Ayers goes to backup and Osa Igbinosun is off the two-deep. Donovan Jarrett and Brandon Newman are now "ORs" at nose tackle.

The whole secondary was shuffled too. At cornerback, backup B-corner Eric Patterson was moved to an "OR" F-cornerback starter alongside Jason Pinkston. Armand Dehaney shifted from backup F-corner to backup B-corner. Backup strong safety J.C. Wade moved to starting "OR" free safety with Chris Pauling, whose previous partner Jarrett Swaby is now an "OR" at free safety with Brian Jones.

Cursory changes only on offense: the tight-ends are now listed three deep and David Schneider is now listed as an "OR" with backup Dylan Curry. Kelly Page appears to have recovered from his foot injury and is now listed at backup quarterback. As a result Kyle Kamman and Ozzie Mann were removed. At X-receiver Jacolby Owens was taken off as an "OR" backup, now it's just Jordan Williams.

NORTHERN ILLINOIS — Switches on the O-line: Aidan Conlon goes from left guard to right; RG Tyler Pitt is now the backup and backup RG Jared Volk is moved to starting left guard. On the running back depth chart, Cameron Stingily was removed as the fifth man and the other four — Leighton Settle, Akeem Daniels, Jamal Womble, Keith Harris Jr, — are all "AND" running backs. "AND" is so much more inclusive than "OR," don't you think?

Some housecleaning on the defensive backups. Third-string defensive tackle Zach Anderson was promoted and switched spots with backup Donovan Gordon, and backup safety Courtney Stephen (a CFL draft pick!) is no longer on the depth chart.

UMASS — Brian Dowling was bumped up to one starting wide receiver spot, switching with Alan Williams, and Dowling is also the No. 1 punt returner, trading with Antoine Tharpe. On the line, Tyrell Smith is the new backup left tackle, replacing Malcolm Speller. On defense, Iric Harris was dropped as starting safety and replaced with Joe Colton, who started last week. In hot punting news, Colter Johnson is the starting punter, switching with Jeff Strait.

WESTERN MICHIGAN — A ton of shakeup on the receiver list. X-receiver Eric Monette, who had a nagging injury in the EIU game, is no longer listed and not expected to play at Minnesota. In response Bill Cubit moved Daniel Braverman and Justin Collins to X from the Z-receiver. Josh Schaffer will now start at the Z. Darrin Duncan is off the T-receiver chart with no replacement. At tight end, Blake Hammond is officially the starter, probably after catching two touchdowns against EIU.

At running back, Dareyon Chance is now listed as the starter; Brian Fields goes down to No. 2 and Tevin Drake moves from No. 2 to No 4. At kick returner, Duncan is also removed from that starting role and replaced by Braverman as well.

On defense, back right defensive end Chris Prom, who hyperextended his knee, was removed from the chart and Cleveland Smith slid over from backup nose guard to take his place. Manny Diaz is also no longer listed as a RDE but is still at LDE. And backup strong safety Michael Butler was taken out and replaced with Demetrius Pettway


BUFFALO — On a bye.

KENT STATE — On a bye.