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MAC Football Week 3 Box Score Heroes

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Sep 15, 2012; West Point, NY, USA; Northern Illinois Huskies quarterback Jordan Lynch (6) rushes against Army at Michie Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-US PRESSWIRE
Sep 15, 2012; West Point, NY, USA; Northern Illinois Huskies quarterback Jordan Lynch (6) rushes against Army at Michie Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-US PRESSWIRE

So, yeah. Wild night last night in the Glass Bowl. Time to look at the box scores, pull out the top players, and provide a ridiculously quick line on each:

Jordan Lynch: 18-for-27, 4 TD, INT; 13 carries, 125 yards, TD
Martel Moore: 7 catches, 134 yards, 2 TD
Tommylee Lewis: 1 rush, 21 yards, TD; 2 cathes, 79 yards, TD
Tyrone Clark: 17 tackles, 10 solo, 3 TFL
Offensive line (Ryan Brown, Aidan Conlon, Andrew Ness, Jared Volk, Tyler Loos): 0 sacks, 1 TFL allowed

Quick line: Army didn't help their cause by chasing points in the first half, but NIU's offense did the job, couldn't stop the run, and I think we can validate Lynch as a legitimate quarterback who won't miss much of a beat replacing Harnish.

Jay Karutz: 7 punts, 43.9 YPP, long 53
Pudge Cotton: 6 tackles, INT return touchdown, FR
Kalonji Kashama: 5 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack

Quick line: Other than the couple plays by Cotton, and some nice catches by Garrett Hoskins, this one was abysmal. I hate to say Alex Gillett's job is in trouble, but Tyler Benz looked decent in garbage time.

Dareyon Chance: 29 carries, 144 yards, TD
Jaime Wilson: 10 catches, 117 yards, TD
Travonte Boles: 8 tackles, 4 solo, 2 TFL

Quick line: Kind of floored that WMU decided to run the ball as much as they did, and Chance did his job, but again Carder and his non-Wilson receivers are still struggling.

Michael Cox: 18 carries, 76 yards
Christian Birt: 7 tackles, 4 solo, INT return TD
Tom Brandt: 8 tackles, 5 solo, FF

I'm just happy that UMass beat the ridiculous spread on them of scoring 3½ points, and they did it on a defensive touchdown as well. The offense is still just responsible for nine points on the season, though.

Final - 9.15.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Morgan St. Bears 3 3 0 0 6
Akron Zips 14 7 24 21 66

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Jawon Chisholm: 18 carries, 129 yards; 5 receptions, 31 yards
Dalton Williams: 37-for-48, 446 yards, 3 TD, INT
Marquelo Suel: 6 catches, 99 yards
Andrew Pratt: 3 catches, 90 yards, 2 TD
Nick Rossi: 1 tackle, 29-yard fumble return TD

Quick line: Well, gosh. Offense aplenty! Yeah, it was Morgan State — the same team that Buffalo lit up the week before — but it's refreshing to see Akron quarterbacks doing things right. A year ago this might've been a 36-33 win or something like that.

Zac Dysert: 20-for-27, 176 yards
Chris Wade: 13 tackles, 10 solo, 1 TFL
Pat Hinkel: 3 tackles, FR, INT
Kaleb Patterson: FGs of 42, 45

Quick line: Nice of the RedHawks to put a decent scare into the mid-major darling of the 21st century (they led 9-8) but we knew it wouldn't last. Also, Hinkel is officially a ballhawk.

Tyler Tettleton: 20-for-35, 200 yards, 3 TD; 7 rush, 35 yards
Grant Venham: 6 punts, 43.0 yard average, long 52
Nate Carpenter: 6 tackles, 48-yard FR
Ian Wells: 4 tackles, 1 sack, FF, 2 pass breakups
Jelani Woseley: 3 tackles, TFL, INT, QB hit

Quick line: Three wins, no losses. Doesn't matter how pretty they are. Something interesting to note: so far the Bobcats have run 58.8 percent of the time. Last season they ran 58.4 percent of the time. Very consistent. They don't depart from their game plan.

Bowling Green
Anthon Samuel: 16 carries, 112 yards, TD; 3 catches, 14 yards
Brian Schmiedebusch: 4 punts, 46.0 average, long 55
Chris Jones: 4 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 2 sacks, FF

Terrance Owens: 20-for-28, 303 yards, TD; 8 carries, 17 yards
David Fluellen: 21 carries, 81 yards, 2 TD; 4 catches, 53 yards
Alonzo Russell: 6 catches, 152 yards, TD
Dan Molls: 13 tackles, 5 solo, TFL
Cheatham Norrils: 7 tackles, INT

Quick line: I'll have way more on this eventually, but ... well, UT jumped out to a 17-0 lead and that was your story. Terrance Owens is also the unquestioned starter, but did you see Austin Dantin on the punt block team? For BGSU, they stopped the run pretty well but that secondary couldn't be everywhere at once.

Keith Wenning: 26-for-44, 222 yards, 3 TD; 1 catch, 12 yards, TD
Jahwan Edwards: 21 carries, 78 yards, TD
Jamill Smith: 4 carries, 49 yards; 9 catches, 63 yards; 1-for-1, 12 yards, TD
Steven Schott: Field goals of 51, 42
Jonathan Newsome: 6 tackles, 2 sacks
Eric Patterson: 9 tackles, 3 pass breakups
Austin Holtz, Kitt O'Brien, Dan Manick, Jordan Hansel, Cameron Lowry: 0 sacks, 2 TFL allowed

Quick line: Three in a freaking row. I can't remember the last time one MAC team had a three-game winning streak on a Big Ten team. I'll have to look it up but I'm pretty sure that's going to be a record.


MAC East Offensive: Tyler Tettleton, OHIO QB
MAC East Defensive: Christian Birt, UMass safety
MAC East Special Teams: Kaleb Patterson, Miami kicker

MAC West Offensive: Jordan Lynch
MAC West Defensive: Pudge Cotton
MAC West Special Teams: Steven Schott