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Toledo's Overtime Loss Capped Off Near-Miss Saturday


I wasn't able to watch this one, because ESPNU was not available where I was and ESPN3 didn't show it live. But I was able to go back and watch the overtime period. The Austin Dantin stumble is what stood out most. He could've run for hours but slipped on invisible marbles.

And I knew what the outcome was but Dantin almost converted a 3rd and 20 to Alonzo Russell which was brilliantly broken up by Jourdon Grandon. Then all they had was a last gasp in the end zone and, yeah, third down was their best shot at tying it up.

But you always focus on the last play. Admittedly I glossed over much of the first 60 minutes and there were certainly Key Plays That Led To This but how about, on UA's overtime possession, the UT defense almost forcing Arizona quarterback Matt Scott out of bounds on third down before he stepped up and located Terrence Miller for six points? It looked incredibly lucky but essentially Scott had enough time for a receiver to break open and found him.

In short: narrow loss, but at least it was late enough that all the fans binging on football all day got an exciting finish to watch.

That was really the theme of the day. Northern Illinois lost to Iowa by one. Bowling Green tied Florida in the third quarter. Even Buffalo was somehow stupidly in the game with Georgia. Heck, even WMU was legitimately in the Illinois game in the fourth quarter. Additionally, OHIO almost "almost lost" with a win at Penn State. And PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MIAMI-OHIO STATE GAME NOTHING TO SEE HERE.