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In Two-Deep: Nick Harwell, Austin Brown Down And Out

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Welcome to In Two-Deep, a feature we're trying here on all the depth charts in the MAC and how they change from week-to-week. Many of these changes reflected starts from last week but also factor in injuries, performances and return from suspensions. Warning: because of the play on words, this feature may contain Genesis songs.

BOWLING GREENJairus Campbell, hurt in the Toledo game, is off the nose tackle list. Ted Ouellet is now the starter, backed up by true freshman Mike Minns. 5'10", 317 is ... thick.

CENTRAL MICHIGANMatt Losiniecki is off the chart as starting nose guard, and Leterrius Walton slides up to starter. Alex Smith is now starter at defensive end, flipping with Kenny McClendon. Anthony Young, a backup "OR" at cornerback, was removed. Holders were added to the depth chart: wide receiver Cody Wilson is the main one, followed by kickoff specialist Connor Gagnon.

UMASS — Michael Cox and Chris Burns are now co-starters at running back. Now for some o-line starter shifting. John Wallace is back at left guard, replacing Michael Boland. Nick Speller shifted from right tackle to right guard and Anthony Dima is back at right tackle. Jamie Casselberry moved from backup LG to bakcup RG. Defensive tackle Galen Clemons will miss the game with a head injury, so Hafis Williams takes his place, backed up by Brandon Potvin. Christian Birt was officially dubbed a starting safety (his pick six likely helped), flipping with Joe Colton. Brendon Levengood is also officially the starting kicker ahead of Blake Lucas.

MIAMI (OH) — Hey, you know what's bad? Not having Nick Harwell or Austin Brown. Harwell is off the chart, replaced by David Frazier at F-receiver. Jake Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe The Receiver," is backup X-receiver. At left defensive tackle, Austin Brown was replaced with Mwanza Wamulumba, who was backup right DT, and David DeLeon takes Wamulumba's place.

At H-cornerback, backup Orne Bey was replaced by Marshall Taylor. On the O-line, they shuffled around backups. Backup guard Matt Kennedy is now John Anevski, who was the backup center, but that's now JoJo Williams, returning from injury. Backup right tackle Trevan Brown was replaced by Jeff Tanner. And kicker Kaleb Patterson is no longer a co-kickoff specialist.

WESTERN MICHIGAN — Hardly any changes especially compared to last week. Daniel Braverman is now the X-receiver starter, not an OR starter, and Manny Diaz was taken off as third-string left defensive end and THAT'S IT.

OHIO — No changes. This is a recording.

NORTHERN ILLINOIS — Ryan Brown is now an OR starter with Matt Krempel at right tackle, and Wes Ott is off hte list.

EASTERN MICHIGAN — Lotsa changes. Jay Jones is the H-receiver starter, switching with Demarius Reed and Jones also took his punt return job. On the right side of the line, guard Campbell Allison and tackle Bobby McFadeen took the spots of Orlando McCord and Lincoln Hansen. Tyler Benz is also promoted from third-string to backup quarterback ... for now.

Defensively Marlon Pollard is no longer listed at cornerback, with Darius Scott taking his spot and Kirkland Bryant listed at backup. Backup wide linebacker Ike Spearman (sneaky good name) is now Jake Pennese. Alex Bellfy took Corey Manns' spot at backup free safety as well as Pollard's backup punt return gig. And elsewhere on special teams, Dylan Mulder is officially the placekicker ahead of Kody Fulkerson. The kickoff return squad is also totally different — now it's Tyler Allen and Dominique Sherrer

BALL STATE — Not much to report here. Jahwan Edwards is the second kickoff returner instead of Armand Dehaney. That's it.

TOLEDODanny Farr's injury is reflected as the starting defensive tackle is now backup nose tackle Elijah Jones. Ben Pike moves to backup NT and Hank Keighley takes Pike's spot at backup defensive end.

AKRON — Tyler Williams is no longer the H-receiver, replaced by Zach D'Orazio. And Vinny Rizzo returns as left guard, pushing Dylan Brumbaugh to backup and Andrew Bohan off entirely.