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Central Michigan 32, Iowa 31: Party Like It's 2009

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The best upset is the one that comes completely out of nowhere and is tough to explain. This one did: CMU looked dead as a sunk through the first two games. Struggled to score against Southeast Missouri State. Barely scored at home to Michigan State. Six wins in two full seasons for Dan Enos, and even our own Rovitz begrudgingly admitted on the BHGP Podcastt that Ryan Radcliff isn't very good. He was very good against Iowa, and if you want to follow in Dan LeFevour's footsteps, having a carbon copy victory of the 2009 Michigan State game is a pretty darn sweet way to mimic him.

With two minutes and down eight points, Radcliff put together an excellent drive, although the Hawkeyes defense basically played prevent and Cody Wilson ate up lots of yards. A pass to Titus Davis inside the red zone was caught, he shed his tackler and went in for six. A two-point conversation try to Davis was a bit too high, and maybe there was defensive pass interference, but they're never going to call it in that situation.

They needed an onside kick. After the ball blew off the tee twice, they needed a holder for the attempt. Then they were called for delay of game. (Still just needed 10 yards, but they were pushed that much back.) Then ... I don't know why this happened, but when the ball went airborne, every single Iowa defender just kind of watched it go by them. Redshirt freshman Jesse Kroll bounced on it, and they were in business. A 15-yard personal foul penalty put CMU in great position, and David Harman kicked a career-best 47-yard field goal with the wind at his back.

If you look at the play-by-play for the CMU-Michigan State game four years ago ... basically the same freaking thing.

But that was the last couple minutes. For the other 38, Radcliff looked like a completely different quarterback. He was accurate. His line picked him up. And his excellent receivers were able to showcase their talent. That tends to happen when your quarterback actually finds you.

Essentially this is an outstanding victory. They did something Northern Illinois couldn't. I'm still not going to make a snap judgment yet, but CMU still has a lot of work to do to prove they can contend in the MAC West. This is an excellent signature victory for the post-LeFevour program. They sure as hell needed one.