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Bowling Green Lays An Egg At Virginia Tech

Peter Casey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The game became easier to watch once I just planted my hand over my face and then ahhh the pain went away.

Look, I know VT is a top-25 quality team, and I was afraid this game was going to be the end-result of a lot of pent-up frustration. I was right, and it was worse than feared. "I just hope this game won't be a 41-7 loss," I told my wife, who is nice enough to humor me weekly about how BG is. She notices how excited I get when Bowling Green is on Actual TV, not just ESPN3 or MACkelodeon.

Anthon Samuel and Chris Jones. Those were your two playmakers with decent days and they didn't even have terrific numbers. Samuel had a couple good runs, plus a deep catch, and Jones registered his obligatory sack. Matt Schilz was completely off-sync all day to the point that in the third quarter Dave Clawson had no choice but to yank him for Matt Johnson, who didn't fare much better. On the whole the Matt tandem went 14-for-41 passing, 133 yards and an interception.

The line play was actually great for the Falcons on both sides. The secondary, the quarterback, the receivers, the kicking ... those were all D-plus games for them. The coaches are not absolved from this either.

If this wan't enough of a low point, the 37-0 loss is the first time BGSU was shut out in a game since 1998, when Missouri beat them ... well, 37-0. Of course.

A 1-3 start is probably what most of us expected would happen for the Falcons, but the execution was atrocious in this particular game. For the other three, you at least saw some fight. And a reprieve should arrive next saturday in the form of the FCS Rhode Island Rams. But for now, I want to bury this Virginia Tech game in the backyard and never smell it again.