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MAC Pick'em Week 4 Results

Ouch. That week hurts. While trying to make up some points, I severely got burned by 4th quarter heroics by Ball State and NIU. Ouch. Also, I'm sorry for not posting this week's pick stats, but I got caught up in some things. Next week they'll be back, I promise.

Anyways, we would've had a tie for the weekly winner, but one of the guys didn't detail his picks. Therefore, your Week 4 Champ is...........Josh G.

Full results............



Josh G 14
ChippewaBlue 13
numbersdontlie 13
TheRealOhio 12
td3 12
OHBCats 12
bull_trojan 12
rob.kull 12
Brandon Hickey 12
Matt Sussman 10
Brown and Gold 10
zibby 9

Like I said, rough week. MAC play really picks up next week, where the fun starts!