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The Hustle Belt BlogPoll Top 25 for Week 5

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I just can't help myself. Maybe it's the easy, interchangeable way in which us BlogPoll voters can move teams in and out of our ballots. But I think this much is clear: There are seven teams that are clearly the seven best teams in the FBS with two or three interlopers that can still crash the party if the breaks come right. After that, it's just going just one big crapshoot.

After placing our MAC brethren Ohio at No. 25 the past two weeks, the Bobcats get a bump up to No. 22. I gave some consideration to Ball State, but I still take this poll more seriously than some of our other BlogPoll voters to pull the trigger on it.

That's my lead-in because you're going to see some wild movement toward the back end of this week's poll. Thoughts after the jump.

  • Kansas State moving up five spots is easy - impressive win over Miami two weeks ago and then the "upset" of Oklahoma last week (I felt K. State could win outright, but did not make that proclamation published anywhere, so you'll just have to trust me.). I was never high on Oklahoma to begin with, so they drop six spots to 15.
  • Clemson is still in my top-10 at No. 9. They're still a damn good team and could probably beat a few of the teams I placed in front of them. I won't rule out bumping them ahead of KSU, Georgia or South Carolina if a few things go their way.
  • Notre Dame leapfrogs Stanford. For the time being this looks like a extremely solid Notre Dame team. Wins over two of my current BlogPoll top 25 teams (Michigan State, Purdue) and one over another that fell out this week (Michigan) has them ahead of the Cardinal. I may also change my mind next week.
  • Speaking of Purdue, the Boilers leap into the top 25 by neither winning nor losing last week. This is mind-blowing, but they may very well be the best team in the Big 10 when it's all said and done. It should be noted the Big 10 is very, very, very poor this year.
  • I don't have a reasonable explanation for dropping USC six spots. When I was shaking out the teams, it just seemed like the teams that moved ahead of them are currently playing better. I hope that's a good enough explanation (it probably isn't).
  • Oregon State and Mississippi State enter the polls, and Michigan State and Boise State drop to 24th and 25th despite winning last week. Neither team may be that good.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.