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Assessing The Carnage: Iowa, UConn, Kansas, USF Are Crestfallen

How are our SB Nation blogs feeling after playing poorly against MAC teams? We survey the morose feelings shared by our brothers.

Matthew Holst - Getty Images

We were overcome with so much joy over the MAC's big wins and strong losses this week that we failed to look at it from the perspective of the Big Team reeling in a bad performance. We shall not discriminate, even if we get a sick thrill out of it. So let's do that right now.

We'll start in Iowa, because rarely can you say that.

Iowa — Black Heart Gold Pants looked deep at their head coach, athletic director, and what the heck they are now strapped with:

I'm not going to say we should fire Kirk Ferentz for this embarrassment, the biggest on-field embarrassment in a string of small ones. I'm not going to say he should resign; this is a process, and I still believe in the five-year cycle, and the man has earned the right to redeem himself. But I no longer trust him to know how to fix this, because there is no recent discernible evidence that he can, and the benefit of the doubt no longer lies with him. Saturday was the end of "In Ferentz We Trust" for many fans. The clock is now ticking.

South Florida — Voodoo Five demonstrates to us why it's always best to express emotion through carefully-structured poetry.

During the summer,
Doug Woolard gave Skip Holtz a
five-year extension.

UConn — The UConn Blog's headline says it all. As a Big East team, you can't lose to WMU twice in a row:

Simply put, what happened Saturday is unacceptable. I don't care about the stats. The "plays of the game" mean nothing to me. This boils down to one indisputable truth: you CANNOT lose to Western F**king Michigan -- and you cannot do it two years in a row.

Kansas — Rock Chalk Talk actually wasn't expecting a win, but was still disappointed, par for the course after any loss:

Even though we were underdogs, and expecting a road win out of this group is probably unreasonable, this win felt very attainable after Patmon's touchdown put us up 23-13 in the 4th.


It's time to accept that this year's team isn't that much different from last year's, and hope for improvement. As of right now, it doesn't look like better results on the scoreboard are coming any time soon.

Those were the losses for them. Onto the "bad wins."

Tennessee — Rocky Top Talk is happy they won, and the score looks pretty nice, but that's not how it felt for three quarters:

Still, this had Sandwich Game Sleeper written all over it from the start. After losing a deflating 37-20 game against Florida last week and with a trip to top-five division foe Georgia looming next week, it seemed Tennessee's Air Show was extremely late to the party.

Michigan State — The Only Colors is breathing several sighs of relief.

A win's a win, but man, that felt like it was going to be a loss for a long time. Admit it: You thought about Mike Hart's reaction if EMU had won that game.

Well, at least we made Gobbler Country happy. Sort of. They're still unimpressed with some facets of their game in a freaking 37-0 blowout:

The positives of this game were that the Tech defense looked much better, although they missed a TON of tackles again.


If there's anything that has to continue to improve, it would be the absolutely piss-poor play-calling (SO many wide receiver screens), Thomas' accuracy and the consistency blocking on the offensive line. Like I said, sometimes it was sublime, others it was non-existent, especially in the passing game.