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Big XII to join MAC wrestling?

In a recent interview with The Oklahoman sportswriter Berry Tramel, Oklahoma University wrestling coach Mark Cody had some interesting comments.

With the departure of Nebraska to the B1G and Missouri to the MAC (ha! HA HA!) there are only four Big XII wrestling programs left, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and West Virginia.

The Big 12 wrestling schools would like to become affiliate members of another wrestling league. And Cody has one in mind: the Mid-American Conference. Six MAC schools wrestle — Buffalo, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Northern Illinois and Ohio. Missouri and Northern Iowa have joined the MAC for this season, and Old Dominion joins next season.

Cody said the MAC would be a good fit for the Big 12′s quartet. It would make for a competitive conference tournament and of course such an expanded MAC would get appropriately-enhanced qualifiers for the NCAA Championships.

Now, I'm no wrestling expert -- never even been to a meet, myself -- but from what I've read, the B1G is the big dog of collegiate wrestling, and if they're #1, this would probably put the MAC solidly at 1a. In the last 60 years, current B1G schools have won 30, Arizona State has won one, and Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Iowa State have accounted for the other 29. In fact, of 83 NCAA Division I national championships, those three schools have taken 49, most recently Oklahoma State in 2006.

So yeah, this would be a big deal.