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MAC Power Rankings: Week 1

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"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" — What happy football players say
"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" — What happy football players say

Mr. Geeves has his hands full this week with real life obligations, so this was my only chance to rank Bowling Green high here are your power rankings after the first week of games.

I think you can guess who will be ranked first and last. In between, however, was a bit of a struggle.

Rank Rank (Pv) Team Record What We Learned
1 N/A
1-0 Who else could it be? Now temper your 12-0 aspirations for now; they have a ways to go. And if Penn State trudges through a 10-loss season, the win diminishes itself. They won this game on one good half of football. Let's see if Tyler Tettleton can start the team off right against NMSU.
2 N/A
1-0 (1-0) Darn skippy I'll put them at No. 2 right now. They're first in the MAC West and the win over Eastern Michigan looks more impressive the longer you gaze at it. It's the first step to Jahwan Edwards being a breakout star.
3 N/A
0-1 Yet again, a couple plays decides the outcome of a game that the Rockets should have won. They gave up a metric tonne of yards to the Wildcats but didn't break and forced overtime. May the two-quarterback system continue to confound everybody, including myself.
4 N/A
0-1 The Iowa win was right there. It was right freaking there. Hawkeyes circles will say "a win is a win is a win," while NIU will comfort themselves by controlling this game for nearly three quarters. The jury is out on Jordan Lynch as a passer, but lord can he break away for a score.
5 N/A
0-1 Yes, Florida had a terrible game. But BG did score their points on wildly impressive drives and pushed the Gators well into the fourth quarter. Like many other MAC teams, their inconsistency from drive to drive will haunt them.
6 N/A
1-0 Apart from the infamous punt re-return, the Golden Flashes looked very sound on all fronts against a respectable FCS opponent. Don't count them out.
7 N/A
0-1 Suspend your top defensive player and allow 45 points to Georgia. Sure. But the offense mustered 23 points of their own. Alex Zordich looked excellent. I'm not calling them another MAC East contender yet, but might this team finally put up a high-scoring fight?
8 N/A
0-1 (0-1) I didn't expect EMU to come out throwing, but Alex Gillett just loves throwing TDs against Ball State. It was a stark difference to last year's run-heavy, defensively-stout team, and it was considerably less pretty.
9 N/A
0-1 Admittedly I didn't get much of a chance to watch any from this game, but it sure sounds like their entire offensive was asynchronous. You always see points out of this team, and if you don't, something's definitely wrong.
10 N/A
1-0 Inexplicably falling behind by a sum total of two (2) touchdowns to SEMO was thankfully averted by an actual victory, but don't let it happen again. Well ... it's probably OK to let it happen to Michigan State. They're neat and good.
11 N/A
0-1 The Buckeyes are not worldbeaters yet, but 56-10 isn't something that should really happen to any team, ever. It's hard to gauge the team on just one game, or any game, but we gotta rank you regardless.
12 N/A
0-1 A new era must start somewhere. A 42-point loss at home to albeit dangerous UCF wasn't the desired place to begin, but they can build off it. Remember: they're gunning for two wins this year.
13 N/A
0-1 Um ... welcome to the Football Bowl Subdivision! And congratulations on that great interception that made SportsCenter. It gets better.