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In Two-Deep: Khalil Mack Returns As Buffalo Starting Linebacker

Khalil Mack / Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE
Khalil Mack / Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to In Two-Deep, a feature we're trying here on all the depth charts in the MAC and how they change from week-to-week. Many of these changes reflected starts from last week but also factor in injuries, performances and return from suspensions. Warning: because of the play on words, this feature may contain Genesis songs.

We'll try this for a while and see what you think. Going through all the depth charts and comparing them to last week's reveals, we will see how each MAC team's depth charts are evolving.

BALL STATEKelly Page is no longer listed as the backup quarterback, likely because of that "twisted ankle" he suffered during practice. He was officially replaced by a pair of true freshmen: Kyle Kamman and Ozzie Mann. Co-backup tight end David Schneider, has been removed.

EASTERN MICHIGAN — Sophomore quarterback Tyler Benz was ticked down from second-string to third, swapped with freshman Mark Iannotti. They also added fullback senior Matt Boyd to the chart as a fullback; previously there was no fullback spot.

CENTRAL MICHIGAN — Just one change: senior defensive tackle Steve Winston was bumped up from backup to first-string, while senior Nate Williams went from first-string to second.

WESTERN MICHIGAN — Quite a few changes. Timmy Keith was removed from first-string "T" receiver, due to that knee injury in the Illinois game which will keep him out for the year. Jaime Wilson and Darrin Duncan each move up a spot and Daniel Braverman is now third string. Junior wideout Justin Collins was promoted to first string "Z" receiver, switching with junior Josh Schaffer, even both were listed as starters Saturday. Tevin Drake, who earned the start Saturday, moved from third string to second running back, supplanting Antoin Scriven.

Senior John Deyo, who started at right guard, was officially moved from second-string to first, switching with redshirt freshman James Kristof. And a "triple switch" on the D-line: senior Deauntay Legrier went from backup left end to starting right end, senior Chris Prom moved down to backup right end and junior Cory Sueing flipped from backup right end to backup left end. Got all that?

TOLEDO — Sophomore Justin Olack switched with sophomore Dwight Macon at "Z" receiver. Senior Phil Lewis was flipped with junior Elijah Jones at nose tackle. And junior Ross Madison was replaced at backup strong safety with redshirt freshman Noah Key.

NORTHERN ILLINOIS — The running back depth chart is all shuffled around. It might be easier to just share the old and new:

Last week:
Akeem Daniels, sophomore
Leighton Settle, junior
Jamal Womble, junior
Cameron Stingily, sophomore
Keith Harris, Jr., freshman

This week:

Elsewhere, redshirt sophomore Tyler Pitt has gone from backup left guard to starting right guard, flip-flopping spots with redshirt freshman Matt Killian. And sophomore Donovan Gordon moved from third string left defensive tackle to second string, trading with junior Zach Anderson.

AKRON — They stopped listing most of the third-stringers for some reason. In terms of two-deep changes, starting "H" receiver Dee Frieson is no longer the second kickoff returner, being replaced by junior Malachi Freeman. Sophomore Johnny Robinson is now the starting safety, switching spots with senior Josh Richmond.

OHIO — No changes. When you win, I guess, you stick with what works.

BOWLING GREEN — Basically they stripped a lot of "OR" spots. Junior David Kekuewa is now the starting center, with senior Chip Robinson behind him. Sophomore Darrell Hunter is a starter ahead of DeVon McKoy at cornerback. True freshman Will Watson is the backup at the the other CB spot, while Johnny Joseph is third string. John Pettigrew is now the second-string running back. Behind him, in order: Jamel Martin, Andre Givens, and Jordan Hopgood, the latter who is back on the depth chart at fifth-string after serving his one-game suspension against Florida.

UMASS — A ton of changes actually, mostly on the O-line. Nick Speller moved from starting left tackle to right tackle, basically switching with Stephane Milhim. At guard, John Wallace went from left guard to right guard, and previous starting right guard Jamie Casselberry went to backup left guard. Michael Boland was promoted from backup left guard to starter. On defense, safety Ed Saint-Vil will miss a month due to a leg injury. He was listed as backup to Christian Birt but actually started because Birt was injured too. Replacing him is Iric Harris, now the starter ahead of Birt.

MIAMI (OH) — JoJo Williams, who missed the OSU game with a leg injury and is questionable for SIU, is off the depth chart at starting center. Starting right guard Brad Bednar took his place, and the new depth chart reflects that. Sophomore Marcus Matthews moved from backup RG to starter and senior Matt Kennedy appeared on the chart as his backup. Additionally Mason Krysinski was officially changed from "OR" placekicker to kickoff specialist.

BUFFALO — Just the one change, and you can probably guess it: junior Khalil Mack returns as starting outside linebacker, pushing down Willie Moseley to second string and Kendall Robertson off the two-deep completely.

KENT STATE — Understandably after his return touchdown, Dri Archer was bumped from fourth string kickoff returner to the No. 1 man. Everyone else moved down one spot. Also, junior Max Plunkett switched from backup right guard to backup left guard, replacing Jason Bitsko, who was removed. Sophomore Robert Kearney is now backup right guard.