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Are They Terrified? Big Team Blogs Measure Upcoming MAC Opponents

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Possibly not the face of a coach who is worried that much about Ball State.
Possibly not the face of a coach who is worried that much about Ball State.

Here's the best feeling in the world when a MAC team upsets a bigger school. It's when the other team does not sniff the possibility of a loss from miles away. OHIO over Penn State was cool, granted, but lots of Nittany Lions were overly concerned that this darling of a mid-major was good enough to hang with them for 60 minutes and win.

But I'll be honest: I got a sick thrill out of Alligator Army saying they were "maybe 1 percent concerned" that Florida could lose to BGSU, then the Falcons tied it in the third quarter. Ain't no way Michigan is going to lose to Toledo. And then...

This week is probably a terrible time to introduce this new feature since most opponents this week are from the FCS and other non-AQs. They should be asking us about being scared. But the MAC plays two Big Ten schools, one from the ACC and one from the SEC (technically). We thought we'd go into enemy territory and see what all these fine SB Nation team blogs are saying about the upcoming opponents.

Clemson vs. Ball State

Even after plowing Auburn in the Georgia Dome and rShakin' The Southland is kind of worried but not really if you get my drift:

The two biggest things we are going to need to get corrected this week are the drops by the wideouts and the breakdowns in the secondary. Ball State won't be a pushover, but if Dabo can hammer home those two things this week, Clemson should be 2-0 after next weekend.

Michigan State vs. Central Michigan

They're more worried about MSU football players tweeting stupid things, but I reached out to Chris at The Only Colors and they're looking forward to the victory (and the celebration of in-state friends):

There isn't any worry about the Chippewas from Spartan fans. Instead, they're excited for what might be the biggest party in Mt. Pleasant history. The stadium is expanding for this game and, finally, CMU fans are the ones who get to host the party for their other-college friends.

Indiana, on UMass

If The Crimson Quarry is worried about losing, they are hiding it well.

IU is a 13.5 point road favorite. The point spread database I have bookmarked goes back to 1993, and the only other time I can find IU as a double digit road favorite was in 2010, when IU traveled to Western Kentucky, then also a FBS newbie. Going back to 1993, I don't see any other games in which IU was a double digit road favorite.

Kentucky, on Kent State

To put it lightly, A Sea Of Blue is somewhat terrified of the worst-case scenario.

If UK manages to look bad, or God forbid, lose against the Golden Flashes, so help me I am giving up this gig and going to work for the mothership as a graveyard shift writer covering ladies water polo or BMX, and writing under a nom de plume.

That. That right there. UK will probably win this game, but seeing an SEC team twist in the wind is too much fun it should be a misdemeanor.