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Top MAC Football Players of 2013: #61, Dylan Mulder, Eastern Michigan K

Because kickers are football players, too.


Wait, another kicker? What is this sorcery? I wanna read about running backs and free safeties! Who the hell made this list? I want my money back!

SPOILER ALERT: Be sure to check tomorrow as we reveal #60 on our list: Dri Archer.

As many some Eastern Michigan fans know, the very thought of having a kicker on the field back in 2011 made sure that you had a great tailgate before walking into Rynearson Stadium. Kody Fulkerson, the kicker during that season, had one attempt in the 2012. It was blocked.

Ah yes, Kody Fulkerson. How could we talk up Mulder without mentioning the reason I still have bald spots from pulling my hair out so much last year? Sure, you put up 69 (lol) points last season, making only 66% of your field goals will frustrate just about anybody.

But back to Mulder; the true freshman out of Saline, Mich. made his first appearance in the third game of the season when the Eagles traveled to take on the Purdue Boilermakers. Making a 23-yard field goal and going 1-for-2 in PATs, Mulder was the go-to placekicker for the remainder of the season while Fulkerson took care of the kickoffs.

Mulder made 10 out of his attempted 11 field goals for the season, three of which were beyond the 40 yard line. He made 24 out of his 27 attempted PATs in his 10-game season. He was also the team leader in points scored with 54.

In my biased opinion, Mulder has earned his stripes to be mentioned on this list. It sucks being in the stands praying that your kicker will make a 20-yard chip shot from the right hash marks. It just absolutely sucks. For him being a true freshman to be asked to fill that role to revive some sort confidence for Eagles' fans and not lose momentum right after a touchdown, then do as well as he did, he should get a thumbs up.