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Top MAC Football Players of 2013: #48 Greg Mancz, Toledo OL

The Yahoo! Sports' Freshman All-American had a good enough sophomore year to land him at number 48 on our list.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports


Coming in at number 48 on our count down is native Cincinnatian Greg Mancz.

Mancz, still just a junior eligibility wise, has been a force in the trenches for the Rockets since putting on pads during game day. In his first year he was awarded a slew of national honors. The biggest was by Yahoo! Sports, which rewarded him a spot on their freshman All-American team.

He was has been a big part of one of the better offensive lines of the conference in recent years. Toledo finished fifth best in rushing offense in 2012. However, I am uncertain if that is the best stat to go by when judging an offensive line. The best measure that you could use when trying to grade a lineman is your own eyes.

Mancz is probably second best behind his teammate Zac Kerin, but the guy stands out when he is on the football field. He is quick off the ball when in pass protection, and he mauls people to open holes for his running backs. Pretty much what you want out of your offensive linemen, you know?

Mancz has already received a ton of awards for his talent. The question this year is if he will be able to take the next step and seriously start getting his name in the NFL draft talks. He said in an interview (that I found on Youtube) that he is majoring in business because he wants a good job out of college, and it is a heck of a task to find a better job than NFL starting lineman.

So next season you can expect the Toledo offensive line to be strong. Mancz will hopefully continue to improve, and who knows? Maybe Toledo will be able to finally beat Northern Illinois? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.