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Top MAC Football Players of 2013: #37 Darius Polk, Kent State DB

Polk comments on himself and the Kent State football program.


Darius Polk, a defensive back for Kent State, comes in at number 37 on our countdown.

Polk, like LeBron James, "...ain't even supposed to be here" in that if it was not for an injury to his best friend Norman Wolfe in the first game of the year, he probably would not have seen as much of the field that he did. When he was on the field, Polk recorded enough stats to rank 14th in passes defended — a stat that takes breakups, adds interceptions and then divides it by games played. I am not making this up.

Polk was a good defender for Kent last season, but talking to him he feels that his season could have been better.

"Rough," Polk describes his year. "I had my ups and down moments...I have to be more consistent."

For someone that was hurled into a key position and helped a program achieve its most success in four decades, I for one vote that he did better than "rough." But his points are valid, we can all be a little more constant. I for one should have capitalized "when" in the second sentience of the second paragraph.

"it was an average season, it can be a lot better this year. " Polk said.

He listed man coverage, better technique and becoming a better football player as his goals for next year. He also hopes to take advantage of one of the best defensive lines better. The tanks up front hurries throws, and Polk feels that leads to opportunities that he needs to capitalize on.

"I think we have the best D-line in the MAC, in the country period." Polk said.

You can argue this till you're blue in the face (please do in the comments section), but the end story is that Kent has a really good defensive line. Polk understanding that he should use them means that he is heading into camps with the right mindset.

Darius Polk has improvement on his mind this season, and he believes that himself, and Kent State, are confident, but not cocky about next season.

"Our confidence is through the roof, but we have to stay level headed because now a target is on our back." Polk said.

Kent State is targeted? Things sure have changed since, uh, two years ago.