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Top MAC Football Players of 2013: #2 Dri Archer, Kent State RB/WR

Rushing, receiving, returning ... Dri Archer is the Kent State do-it-all man who helped jolt enthusiasm into Flashes football.

Kirk Irwin


"Hi Dri, this is Parker Perry from Hustle Belt. How are you?"

"Nothing, just chilling. You?"

"Nothing either, first off I want to thank you for talking to me. I really appreciate it."


"So, before we begin I just want to make sure you know why I am interviewing you?.... Hello?" I asked with no response.

"Hmmm, we must have been cut off." I said under my breath.

So I called back.


"Hi Dri, sorry about that. We must have been cut off, but I am not sure how beca—"

"Nothing, just chilling. You?"

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just been played by Dri Archer like the numerous redshirt sophomores that have tried to tackle him on special teams. I whiffed, and made myself look like an idiot.

I texted him. It read something like, "Well played, your message owned me." He told me to call back. And when I did he actually answered. He told me not to worry about it, and that if it made me feel any better there have been others that have fell victim to his trick. Strangely, I still felt like an idiot.

Dri Archer is a celebrity on campus now. When he walks Kent State people try to stop him to sign autographs. They ask if they can snag a picture with him. Success brings attention, and attention can bring arrogance, but Archer is focused.

"I need to stay humble and stay the course. The attention is nice, but it can be distracting if you let it be." Archer said.

Archer has promised that he will stay true to himself. He said that he does not try to replicate another player. He said that he is happy being the player that he is.

Kent State has started a Heisman campaign around him. They call it Dri4Heisman. It is as much a marketing ploy than anything. But it is a great ploy to a deserving player.

Archer plays a style of football that you want to sell to an audience. His speed, elusiveness and quick thinking gives him the capability to change a game every time he touches the ball. But I am not telling you anything you don't already know.

Archer said that the person who influenced him the most is his mother. According to Archer, she never missed one of his games.

"I remember when I was little there was a game that I thought she was not going to make. I was a upset by it, but it would have been OK." Archer continued, "Right before the game started though, I looked up in the stands and there she was. It was important to me."

Archer has taken her support and has turned it into something special. Last season for the Flashes he was their unmatched superstar.

In the MAC, he finished seventh in rushing. And then he finished first in scoring, touchdowns, kick return average and all purpose yards. He was pretty much a beast.

His goals for this season is to win. He wants to return to the MAC Championship, win that and then win a bowl game.

"It would mean a lot to myself, the community Kent, the students and the school." Archer said.

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