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MAC Football Pick'em Results

We look back on the season that was in the pick'em and reward the winner with the grand prize.

So..........that was fun. I've had a rough off-season but finally have gotten around to counting up the final tallies. It was a wild ride. I personally had a lot of fun, going from oblivion to relevancy back to oblivion thanks to Kent State. Hey Flashes, guess what? I think I might have predicted your future.

I kid the MAC Runners-Up, even though they cost me the pick'em. It was a great season, but I have no interest, or time, to break down the season like I did last year, with a full awards show. Instead, we will count down the 21 rankings.




t-19 "Jack" 10
t-19 "Nick" 10
t-19 djeffekt 10
18 rovitz707 13
17 Huron Boy 14
16 Matt Scheer 15
15 r7carlsn24 22
14 NE_Redhawk 27
13 TruFire 35
12 rob.kull 61

All those people finished with <100 points, and our Bowl Pick'em Winner zibby just barely missed this by hitting 6 of 7 bowl games correctly, missing the Ohio game oddly enough. And now for the top half of the standings.........




11 zibby 106
10 TheRealOhio 125
9 Brandon Hickey 160
8 Matt Sussman 170
7 numbersdontlie 172
6 td3 175
5 bull_trojan 177
4 Brown and Gold 190

That's right. 190. If I hit the MACCG, I go to 200 while you all go down 10 points. I win. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

And now for the top 3................

In 3rd, with 196 points, finishing where he did last season................................ChippewaBlue!

In 2nd, with 200 points, and falling in bowl season......................Josh G!

And your champion, with 204 points....................OHBCats!

Congrats! You win the grand prize of a $50 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. You have 2 weeks to claim your prize by contacting me by e-mail (see Masthead), or following me on twitter, then sending me a DM. If I do not hear from you, the prize becomes void.

On a related note, I cannot sponsor this another year. I may run it, but I'm going to have to find a new sponsor. If found, you will all know in time for next season's Pick'em.

Thank you ALL for playing, and I hope to be back next year and kick your asses then.