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The Bowling Green season will be won and lost on Jordon Crawford

With their third close contest in MAC play, the Falcons' pint-sized point guard is finding himself in the spotlight of every outcome. It's not a bad thing; just be aware of it.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be like this all year, isn't it? A barrage of really good games featuring a team that is not considered a conference favorite, in a game until the end, and they'll either win or lose the game.

I didn't get a chance to discuss Saturday's BGSU win over EMU when Jordon Crawford sank a menacing three-pointer at the end, but games like that were like pulling teeth, followed by a giant bowl of ice cream. This Miami game was less stressful — they had a lead and the thought was basically, okay, now out them away dagblastit. They never could pull away from the RedHawks, and the last five minutes decided the game, as college basketball is want to do. The 63-60 loss ended with, what else, a Crawford three that rolled out.

Leading MAC minute-getters Crawford and A'uston Calhoun were again squeezed for every last bit of time: Crawford played 37 and Calhoun was there for 40. They were responsible for two-thirds of the shots and points, and the waiting continues for another someone to shoulder some of that time. Is it going to be Chauncey Orr? Or will he and the other five rotation guys just form a conglomerate "third guy?"

As for Miami ... hey, they're alive. Narrow wins against UB and BGSU, two teams marginally better on paper than them in the MAC East, followed up that puzzling loss to NIU. They haven't won anything close all year and now they've done that.