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James Still sentenced to 15 years, 11 suspended

Word just came out of Rhode Island that former Providence and EMU basketball player James Still will be going to jail for four years at least, with 11 more years suspended during probation, for that felony assault back in 2010, long before he joined EMU. And that's the end of that story.

It seems like a lifetime ago, yet it was just two months ago, that Still started two games for this team. Again, they had to know something about his pending legal issues. The timing's still weird for me. Maybe they unknowingly and inadvertently walked into a PR buzzsaw. Maybe they didn't think he would be indicted. Eagle Totem asserts that the athletic department will be able to speak on this issue after sentencing, so maybe they'll have an explanation for why they gave a potential felon, albeit one who earned his associate's degree, a college scholarship.