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Kent State is selling their bowl game helmets for $1,000


Call this a bit of free advertising, but even despite the novelty and perks, to me it's a pretty steep price for a part of Kent State history. Yes, the Bowl was their first bowl game in 40 years, and to commemorate the occasion they broke out their old "weird eye and block K" helmets. They certainly got our attention.

Well, now they have all these helmets and heck if they know what they're going to do with them. So KSU is selling them off for $1,000, which includes the helmet autographed by Darrell Hazell and a brick with your name it outside of Dix Stadium. All the money goes to the "football enhancement fund," so it's basically a donation to the program. It seems like a lot of money, but Cincinnati sold their special Belk Bowl helmets for the same price.

Personally this seems like an incredibly high price for either helmet, but if it's worth that to you, then you'll spend the dough.