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Dave Clawson's four-year extension feels right

Bowling Green announced an extension that will keep him around until 2018. Given that Clawson has re-ener

Still the best Dave Clawson picture in recorded history.
Still the best Dave Clawson picture in recorded history.
Leon Halip

Six more years. That's how long the Dave Clawson extension now makes his contract. That's one-and-a-half college generations. Basically, plenty of time.

His career BGSU win-loss record of 22-26 is a bit misleading. Yes, that was an awful team in 2010, his second year in Wood County, but he inherited a senior-heavy team in 2009, took it to a bowl game, then had to resow the farm. BGSU had a young but competitive squad in 2011, going 5-7, still had one of the youngest teams in FBS last season, and they had one of the most impressive defense I can recall wearing orange and brown. Maybe it was the wings. They were a win away from the MAC Championship game. They were a lucky break and a touchdown from a bowl win against a top 25 team.

And next year, they're still returning a bunch of starters.

I have absolutely no issue with the Clawson extension. I may go as far as to be — what's the word for when you like your football team so much you have optimism — "excited?" Sorry, these are new and weird feelings to me.

If something would be holding me back entirely from being gleeful, it's the offense. Dave Clawson is an offensive-minded coach, especially with the pass, and yet that was one of their glaring issues for, oh, the last three seasons. In fairness some of that was attributed to a young group of receivers, all of whom are returning. But the line play was sound, as was the running game, and even the kickers showed signs of life at the end of the season.

They improved three wins each from '10 to '11, and '11 to '12, but I don't think anyone's seeing the 2013 incarnation of the Falcons as an 11-win team. The point, however, is they now exist in the conversation of who can win the MAC East, right up there with Ohio and Miami. And in this conference, that's all you can ask. And I think we can say Clawson has successfully re-invigorated the program.