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VIDEO: Ball State's Majok Majok dunks as time expires to beat Norfolk State

I was hoping video would show up somewhere on Internet Boulevard, and fortunately I didn't have to wait all that long. Sure enough, this was a nice dribble drive by Jesse Berry to go to the length of the floor. Norfolk State never lost sight of him, but he pretty much was able to methodically move down the court.

Items of community interest as I watched this tape:

• Replay is pretty definitive. The basket counted as time expired. But ... isn't it possible 0.1 seconds would left on the clock, or something nonzero? Maybe it was negligible since you can't really do a cross-court pass and shoot with that little time left.

• Once the post defender came out to contest Berry, he could have gone to either Majok² or Chris Bond for the winning basket.

• Once Majok hit the dunk, you saw everybody start to celebrate (including Charlie Cardinal in the corner, perhaps breaking mascot canon), although Bond looked a little forlorn that the ball didn't go to him. It's possible he was elated once the camera cut away to him.

• And of course, Norfolk State players and coaches trying to wave off the basket.

• Oh, that's how you pronounce "Majok." As in "You Majok Me All Night Long."