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Yes, We're Looking For More MAC Sports Writers/Editors

Are you fan of a Mid-American Conference school, or just an avid enthusiast of the entire conference? You just might be in the perfect place.

Barry Cronin

We have a pretty cool roster of neat folks who like MAC sports and smell nice. Unlike the restrictions of NCAA scholarships, our team has no limit on the number of people who can participate. Plus you're allowed to put your Twitter username on the back of your shirt if you want. Basically what we're saying is: we're looking for more writers.

Whether you're a fan of the entire conference or just a specific team, and you enjoy the written word, there's probably a good chance you're an excellent fit. We have openings to cover specific schools and sports, both as a writer and editor. It's all on the table. For example, I mostly write about Bowling Green, but if you're into BGSU sports too, come right in and we'll work together.

If you were thinking of doing something like this and starting your own MAC blog, consider instead to join us. You don't have to worry about site design or maintenance and we have a lot of neat tools and widgets to enhance the blogging process. I've battled through a lot of blogging entry systems and can honestly say this one that SB Nation provided is the most robust and intuitive one I've used.

Perhaps you're a college student already doing some sportswriting for your campus newspaper/website and want to branch out a little. Or maybe you're a recent graduate who used to write for the campus paper and just can't scratch that MAC itch. Quite possibly you're a proud alum merely keeping tabs on your team, or an unabashed fan who HAS OPINIONS (and can solidify them with some smart, peppy analysis). Or maybe you're into shirking friendships and a love life in lieu of watching men's basketball streaming live on the MAC website.

If you're interested in joining our team, and are comfortable contributing a post at least once a week fill out the application below (if it does not appear, click here). We'll check it out and if you're a good fit, we'll be in contact. If we don't have a spot for you right away, no worries, we'll keep your information on file and reach out to you should a spot open up.

If you're afraid of commitment and are looking for a one-time thing, consider submitting a FanPost. If you want to write for us but have no previous writing experience, I'd recommend a FanPost as well to show me what you got.