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Guess how long it takes Northern Illinois to score four points tonight

The Huskies try to shake off a historic 25-point, 13.1 percent shooting performance against Eastern Michigan with a tough challenge against Kent State. Odds are they're going to score way more than four points in the first half. But how long will it take?


I can't tell you if they're going to score 60 or even 50 points against Kent State, but getting to four points shouldn't be too hard. In fact, it's probably going to be sooner than you think. For a point of reference, here are their six MAC games and how long it took:

Opponent W/L Total Points Time Elapsed
To Score 4 Points
@ Miami (OH) W 61 1:51
Akron L 53 1:19
@ OHIO L 63 3:32
WMU L 34 3:18
@ CMU W 61 1:29
@ EMU L 25 18:28

I have no tangible prize for this. I'll start the guessing at 2:06 minutes for NIU to score their fourth point. How about you? Leave your guesses in the comments.