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Ohio-Eastern Michigan cancelled due to armed robber on the loose


A scary moment in Athens, Ohio is turning into a calmer situation right now, but not until the campus was moved to a standstill after cancellation of tonight's OHIO-EMU game:

Really strange stuff here. The precaution was taken after a women near campus was robbed at gunpoint, who apparently had all of five dollars on her. The gunman then went loose and headed toward campus. As a precaution, Ohio University closed down campus, sending home non-essential employees, and this lead to the basketball postponement.

Was this all an overreaction? Possibly, especially if Athens police are not "actively" searching for the gunman, as the campus paper The Post reported. Especially in today's climate where fear of school shootings may be at an all time high, maybe you can never be too careful. With the information he had, Ohio University president Roderick McDavis had to make a call. In any event, it's a hell of an esteem boost for the gunman, who barely made out with anything but pretty much shut down half the town.