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Halftime: Bowling Green 36, Akron 32

This has not been as much of a blowout that I thought it would.

Akron has Sloooowwwwed the game down, and have actually been able to play basketball with the Falcons through the first 20 minutes.

The teams have combined for ten for 19 thus far from the three point line. Bowling Green has knocked down six of them, and has gotten significantly better looks. But Akron has shooters, and when they get hot it is tough to stop them.

Rachel Tecca, Sina King and Hanna Luburgh came up with eight points in the first half for the Zips. BG has been anchored by two players, Alexis Rogers and Chrissy Steffen. Rogers has nine points, while Steffen has 13 total.

Once again, these coaches were jawing at the officials going into the locker room . Perhaps I am missing something, but I really think they have been pretty good.

Prepare for a great second half. I have a feeling this one could come down to the team that has the ball last just like in 2011.