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Eastern Michigan Will Wear These New Helmets Saturday

Pakmode Media & team equipment manager Jay Sofen got together and designed these helmets. As you can see, they've added a lot of detail into these. Many, many details.

These new helmets will be worn this weekend at Army.
These new helmets will be worn this weekend at Army.

These are the new helmets that Eastern Michigan will wear at Army and probably throughout the season.



I think this is pretty cool. Everybody in Michigan loves the way Michigan looks. I mean, look at it, will ya? It's a freaking hand. Not sure what Eastern Wisconsin is doing on there, but dat hand. Maybe the number on top of that beautiful state is a little bit too much, but it's not terrible.



Last night when a friend of mine messaged me these pictures, I was at the bar and thought that this bold grey line was pretty cool looking. Now that I really give this thing an honest, sober look, what the hell were they thinking? Is that detailed artwork of feathers or wheat? And that little green sticker on the back is, well, what the hell is it? No, I know what it is, but why are you there? Go home, sticker.

As far as that picture up top, I would've rather had the number or the block E on the left side and nothing on the side with the Michigan silhouette.

(All pictures found on Pakmode Media + Marketing Facebook page)


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