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Week 7: Scores and Standings Roundup

We're finally passed the halfway point of college football season and oh lookie here, there are two teams that are bowl-eligible. Meanwhile in the Big Ten, There's only one bowl-eligible school.

Going into SEC territory and keeping the game within 1-point is a win in itself.
Going into SEC territory and keeping the game within 1-point is a win in itself.
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
School Record Conf. Record
Bowling Green 5-2 3-0
Buffalo 4-2 2-0
Ohio 4-2 1-1
UMass 1-5 1-1
Kent State 2-5 1-3
Miami 0-6 0-2
Akron 1-6 0-3

Ball State 6-1 3-0
Northern Illinois 6-0 2-0
Toledo 3-3 2-1
Central Michigan 3-4 2-1
Eastern Michigan 1-5 0-2
Western Michigan 0-7 0-3

Bowling Green 20 - Mississippi State 21

Did we ever talk about Travis Greene before the season started? No matter, he's second in the MAC in rushing yards (810) to David Fluellen (846).

Ball State 27 - Kent State 24

Even with a pair of interceptions, Keith Wenning still managed to have a big day with 305 passing yards and four touchdowns. Meanwhile, Willie Snead is the leading receiver in the MAC by a margin of 264 yards (867 total).

UMass 17 - Miami 10

Believe it or not, one of these teams won. Rob Branchflower had the most MACtion catch of all time. Okay, maybe not of all time, but if there was ever a game to have that sort of catch, it'd be in this one.

Central Michigan 26 - Ohio 23

A legitimate upset in Athens. Ohio took back the lead with less than five minutes to go, but Central scored on a touchdown pass to Courtney Williams with just seconds to go to complete the upset. And, wait, Cooper Rush had a good game? 20-for-28 with 224 yards in the air with 3 TD? Where did that come from?

Northern Illinois 27 - Akron 20

NIU is kind of like Tina Fey. No, Jordan Lynch didn't write Mean Girls, but NIU may not be the most sexy team in the MAC, but they're still pretty damn successful. But hey, bowl-eligible is bowl-eligible.

Buffalo 33 - Western Michigan 0

PJ Fleck finally did the smart thing and played Zach Terrell at quarterback over Tyler Van Tubbergen all game. They're still doing that "Row the Boat" thing, but it's baby steps.

Eastern Michigan 25 - Army 50

You know what they say, "if you can't win, you might as well look good". Welp, Eastern lost that one too, so I'm at a loss of words. Does anybody have any clever government shutdown jokes that they'd like to share?

(Author's note: If Jordan Lynch did, in fact, write Mean Girls, he should win the Heisman by default.)