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Eastern Michigan University Confirms Demarius Reed's Death In Statement

Earlier this morning Eastern Michigan University released a statement to faculty, staff and students confirming that the victim of an apparent off-campus homicide is in fact Eagles' junior wide receiver Demarius Reed.

Here is the full statement:

Eastern Michigan University has confirmed with the Ypsilanti Police Department that the victim involved in the homicide investigation reported in the timely warning earlier today is Eastern Michigan University student Demarius Reed. He is a student athlete on the football team. As was reported earlier, the incident happened off campus in the 700 block of West Clark Rd., near the intersection of LeForge Rd. and Clark Rd. It was discovered at 7:15 this morning. Ypsilanti Police are investigating the death and are in close contact with the EMU Police Department. As soon as we learn additional information, we will share it with you. Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact the Ypsilanti Police Department at 734.483.9510.