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MAC Announces 2013-2014 Preseason Basketball Polls

Akron (men) and Central Michigan (women) are both projected to win the conference this year.

Keith Dambrot and the Zips were picked to repeat as MAC Champions.
Keith Dambrot and the Zips were picked to repeat as MAC Champions.


So nothing much here that we didn't expect. Akron is the overwhelming favorite to win the whole thing, and based on the past few years it's warranted. Many are expecting a lot out of Buffalo, which seems fair. Bobby Hurley has a good team; he'll just need to figure out how to be a Division 1 head coach quickly. Kent State got a first place vote, which seeing as how much they lost, it doesn't make much since. I wouldn't be surprised to see them end up second or third, but I don't believe they'll win the division. In the West, Toledo took it all other than a first place vote for Eastern Michigan. Western and Eastern could be flipped, but they're basically the same team.

It's a preseason poll, so take it for what it is. I don't see anything that looks out of place, but these things are made to be argued about.

2013-14 East Division Predicted Order of Finish

1. Akron - 143 Votes (18 first place votes)

2. Buffalo - 120 Votes (6 first place votes)

3. Ohio - 94 Votes

4. Kent State - 91 Votes (1 first place vote)

5. Miami - 42 Votes

6. Bowling Green - 35 Votes

2013-14 West Division Predicted Order of Finish

1. Toledo - 149 Votes (24 first place votes)

2. Western Michigan - 108 Votes

3. Eastern Michigan - 101 Votes (1 first place vote)

4. Ball State - 89 Votes

5. Central Michigan - 50 Votes

6. Northern Illinois - 28 Votes

MAC Men's Basketball Tournament Winner: Akron (14); Toledo (7); Buffalo (1)

2013-14 East Division Preseason All-MAC Team

Javon McCrea, Buffalo

Demetrius Treadwell, Akron

Will Felder, Miami

Will Regan, Buffalo

Quincy Diggs, Akron

2013-14 West Division Preseason All-MAC Team

Rian Pearson, Toledo

Julius Brown, Toledo

Shayne Whittington, Western Michigan

Majok Majok, Ball State

Glenn Bryant, Eastern Michigan


Some interesting things here, including Bowling Green only getting three first place votes and Toledo projected in third in the MAC West. Also, Miami got a vote to win the conference tournament but no first place votes for their division. Central Michigan seems to be the best team in the conference, and Crystal Bradford has a really good shot at being in the WNBA in a couple years.

MAC East Preseason Poll

1. Akron (9 First Place Votes)

2. Bowling Green (3)

3. Buffalo

4. Miami

5. Ohio

6. Kent State

MAC West Preseason Poll

1. Central Michigan (12 First Place Votes)

2. Ball State

3. Toledo

4. Eastern Michigan

5. Western Michigan

6. Northern Illinois

2014 Predicted Tournament Champion Central Michigan (9 Votes) Akron (1) Bowling Green (1) Miami (1)

Preseason All-MAC East Team

Hanna Luburgh, Akron

Rachel Tecca, Akron

Alexis Rogers, Bowling Green

Mackenzie Loesing, Buffalo

Hannah Robertson, Miami

Preseason All-MAC West Team

Nathalie Fontaine, Ball State

Crystal Bradford, Central Michigan

Jessica Green, Central Michigan

Andola Dortch, Toledo

Inma Zanoguera, Toledo