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FINAL: Buffalo 42, EMU 14

It wasn't as close as the score would suggest.

Well, the second half went about like the first half...and then things got really bad.

If my count was correct, seven players -- two for EMU and five for Buffalo -- were ejected in the second half. Six of those came on a single play -- four during the play, and two dead-ball fouls immediately after.

With the backups in on both sides, Buffalo's scoring ground to a halt, and Ryan Brumfield ran 75 yards for a final EMU touchdown with 1:29 left.

But let's be honest, Buffalo was scoring a point a minute until they pulled their starters, and EMU was showing no sign of doing anything. This easily could have been more like 56-10.

Buffalo is now 3-2, their best start under Jeff Quinn (previous seasons were 2-3, 1-4, and 1-4), and heads to Kalamazoo to face another struggling opponent in the Broncos. Meanwhile in Ypsilanti the calls for athletic director Heather Lyke to fire Ron English just got a whole lot louder. Next week the Eagles will be back in New York to face Army...maybe.