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Ohio vs. Akron: Halftime Update

The Akron Zips had finally began to start impressing. Then they played this first half against Ohio.

Ohio leads at the half 30-3 and are making mincemeat of Akron.

After Ohio's first possession resulted in a punt, Akron fumbled the return and in the ensuing scramble, Ohio ended up adding two points with the safety.

After trading possessions, Ohio came back with a drive in which they extended the lead to 9-3  (Akron collected a field goal) on a fade to Donte Foster. After Tyler Tettleton threw an interception, the Bobcats would come back, drice down the field and score on a pass to Troy Mangen.

A few turnovers later, Ohio stretched the lead to 27. Ryan Boykin punched one in from a yard out and Thad Ingol provided solid play from the safety position, with an interception and later a fumble return for a touchdown.