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Buffalo @ Western Michigan Preview: A Q&A With Bull Run

This week, the Buffalo Bulls head to Kalamazoo to take on the Western Michigan Broncos. We asked fellow SB Nation Blog Bull Run a few questions about the game this week. See what they had to say

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1. After a slow start to the season (albeit to some decent opponents), the Bulls have seemingly hit their stride. What has been the key to success to this turnaround?

Not playing Ohio State and Baylor. Next! The real answer is that UB has some stud athletes that are taking it to it to opponents on par or lower. UB started Licata last year after Zordich was hurt and he has an amazing connection with Neutz. Neutz you just have to try to limit him, you will not shut him down. Secondly, Mack is getting triple teams and other players are stepping up and making plays. It has been fun to watch the last three games and there is a buzz for this weekend's game.

2. Last season, Bill Cubit replaced the red-hot TVT with a rusty Alex Carder, who threw 4 INTs against the Bulls and cost the Broncos a probable bowl bid. Also, Oliver and Devin Campbell had monster games while Neutz had 140 yards. Do you expect something similar to happen this weekend?

I do. And listen I am not trying to be cocky, I am talking from a Buffalo perspective who would to have loved the run you had pre-Fleck. We have been terrible except for two years under Turner Gill. That being said, UB has some amazing talents that Gill's staff brought in who can just beat you down. As we talked about Nuetz at wide receiver, Mack at LB who is projected to be a top ten draft choice, Bo Oliver who as you saw last year can punish you and next play make you miss. Licata is getting comfortable in the pocket. Sorry WMU fans, this will not be a close game.

3. We all know about Khalil Mack. Who else is on that UB defense that will give the Broncos fits?

Johnson in the secondary is being considered to be a later round pick in the NFL. Struggled against OSU and Baylor but who didn't. Got better against Stony Brook and has been great the past two games. Great DB who makes plays. Also the D line and linebackers especially Bean are playing great. This team is very balanced right now. Expect the QB to be sacked four plus times on Saturday.

4. Buffalo has a very realistic shot of going 6-6 or better. Do you see them making a bowl game?

I see UB winning 6 to 7 wins. I still remember Temple winning 8 in the MAC and not making a bowl game. The experts are predicting UB at the Pin Stripe Bowl against Rutgers! It will be great for UB because of the ton of alumni in the New York City metro area.

5. So, uh, Jeff Quinn. I know a lot of fans don't like him up there, but even with an easy schedule, he seems to be producing with it. Can he turn Buffalo back into the Turner Gill days?

No and No! Let's see what Quinn does next year when his top three defenders (Especially All World Mack), top RB, top two WR's leave. This is the window for Buffalo to make a bowl game. Please do not make me think about next year. La La La this is me not thinking about next year.

6. Alright, prediction time. Who ya got and score?

The New York Bulls 42 and WMU 10. Row Row Row that Boat! Hey good luck guys, I hope your coach can install a winning program and brings some top plays to you. Hopefully he learns that what is taped stays on the internet forever. Hopefully he never does that dance again. Here is to your first win of the season, just not this weekend.

A huge thanks to the guys over at Bull Run.  Check them out for some great Buffalo coverage.  Also, check me out as I answered some questions and did the only "Row The Boat" dance I'll EVER do.  Also, I answered some questions for them as well.