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Demarius Reed Murder Suspects Accused of Targeting and Murdering Him For His Clothes and Belt

Last we had heard anything in the way of an update in the tragic murder of Demarius Reed, the 20-year-old Eastern Michigan wide receiver, it was that two men had been arrested and charged in the case.

Now more gruesome details have emerged about the supposed robbery that left Reed dead. Kyle Feldscher of the Ann Arbor News, via is reporting that the two men accused of robbing and murdering Reed may have been after his clothes and belt buckle. Feldscher obtained a transcript of testimony used in a hearing in November seeking a probable cause warrant for one of the accused men, Kristopher Pratt.

During the hearing an officer testified that witnesses had told police that Pratt, and codefendant Ed Thomas, who were in attendance at the same Ypsilanti, Mich., party as Reed on the morning of Oct. 18, planned to rob Reed.

According to the officer Reed was wearing expensive clothing, including a belt that is believed to have been the motive behind the crime. During the robbery Reed was shot multiple times at approximately 3:30 a.m., and was found dead later in the morning in the stairwell of an apartment building at the University Green apartments in Ypsilanti, Mich.. He still had his clothes on him, but his cellphone and wallet were missing.

Both Pratt and Thomas are 20-year-old Detroit men and face multiple felony charges, including open murder and armed robbery. Both face life in prison if convicted.

As previously reported multiple people at the party heard the gunshots that led to Reed's death but failed to call the police. One person even walked past Reed's dead body without contacting authorities.

According to Feldscher's article the two men are next schedule to appear in court in January for preliminary exams. For more details on the current state of the case, head on over to