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MAC Basketball Weekend Streaming/TV Schedule

Now that finals week is over, #MACHoops finally starts to ramp up.

Cameron Black will need to step up against Morehead State, plus hey Matt Stainbrook!
Cameron Black will need to step up against Morehead State, plus hey Matt Stainbrook!
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

MAC Basketball starts back in action on Saturdays after a slow week that saw just three games played.


Sam Houston State Toledo 1:00 MACDN
Alabama A&M Ohio 2:00 MACDN
Northern Illinois Massachusetts 3:00 NBC Sports Network
Central Michigan Dayton 7:00 TWC Sports Channel
Bethune-Cookman Akron 7:00 MACDN

It's not a good slate, but there are some watchable games.

Sam Houston State is 7-3, but they really haven't beaten anyone. They sit at 196 in the KenPom rankings, which is pretty average. The Bearkats are able to score, which feeds right into Toledo's weakness. The Rockets can score too, they just can't seem to stop anyone. One game the baskets won't be falling and Toledo will have to step up on the defensive end to win the game. After a week off and a seemingly no-name opponent coming to town, I could see this being a lot closer game than expected.

Alabama A&M is pretty terrible and haven't beaten a Division 1 team with a win yet. They did however only lose to Western Michigan by four, so there's that. The Bulldogs can't score and can't rebound, so Ohio should be able to cruise.

The Huskies, fresh off a win over Dartmouth, head to Amherst to face a ranked Massachusetts team. The Minutemen are undefeated and are just rolling over everyone. It'll be a long day for Northern Illinois. If they can keep it within twenty, that's a win in my books.

Central Michigan heads to Dayton to face the once ranked Flyers. Dayton is coming off a somewhat surprising loss at Illinois State and are looking to get back on a winning streak. Ohio State transfer Jordan Sibert is the leader but make no doubt that this is a very balanced team. The Flyers go ten deep and six of them average more than six points per game. It'll be tough for the Chips to hang in there in this one.

Bethune-Cookman is awful and Akron should roll. The Wildcats feature one player from Akron and three from Toledo, so it'll be good for those guys to play at home.


Bowling Green Morehead State 2:00 OVC Network
Wright State Miami 2:00 MACDN
Western Michigan Missouri 7:00 ESPNU

Not much better than Saturday, but still pretty decent.

Bowling Green travel south to Kentucky to go up against the Eagles of Morehead State. The Eagles are 7-4 and undefeated at home and ranked 168 by KenPom. That's one behind Eastern Michigan, if you want a good comparison. Morehead is just outside the top 50 in rebounds per game, so Richaun Holmes and Cameron Black have their work cut out for them. I think this'll be close and Bowling Green has a great chance to pick up a good win.

Wright State and Miami renew their regional rivalry on Sunday. The Raiders are a funny team in that they haven't lost a home game, but haven't won a road game either. They haven't beaten anyone that great, which is a good sign for the RedHawks. Miami won their last game at home, so this one should be a pretty good contest.

The Broncos continue their road trip to power conference teams with a game at Missouri televised by ESPNU. Western Michigan scored just twelve points in the first half last time out against Northwestern, so you can imagine how it'll go against a 9-0 SEC team. This could get ugly on national TV.