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Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl 2013: Predictions For Ohio vs. East Carolina

What do various college football experts expect from this game? Well, Ohio fans may not want to read on.

ECU fans will have plenty of reasons to smile about after today.
ECU fans will have plenty of reasons to smile about after today.
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Ohio and Ebeef 'ast Carolina are set to square off in the 2013 Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl later today, so let's take a look at what the experts think of this one.

SB Nation: Oh, it's so pretty, it may just distract Bobkittens from the fact that all six of the SB Nation college football experts picked ECU in this one. Even MACtion creator himself, Spencer Hall. Have ye' little faith Spencer!? Oh, and Bill Connelly did one of his big, numbers-based previews, with yet another ugly prediction for Ohio fans.

Dr. Saturday: Yahoo! Sports college football blog took a stab at predicting the game, with ECU winning by no less than two scores in any of the three predictions. Even more insulting to Ohio's ego, the Doc's think Rufus would lose a mascot fight to Pee Dee Pirate.

CBS Sports: Their six college football experts all picked ECU straight up in this one. J. Darin Darst went so far as to include a score prediction, with Ohio falling to the Pirates 38-24 in his mind.

Athlon Sports: Mark Ross did a nice little preview of the game for our friends over at Athlon Sports, but Ohio fans may want to shield their eyes. He provides some chilling facts about the 'Cats performance down the stretch, and performances against top talent, and has the Pirates offense outlasting the senior Bobcats 41-28.

Bleacher Report: Sean Frye of Bleacher Report broke down the matchup as well, giving an ole tip of the cap to Ohio and Frank Solich for making it to their fifth straight bowl game. But then he stomps on the hearts of 'Cats fans with his prediction that ECU rolls to a 48-17 victory, which may be more painful than having to sit through a slideshow just to see the prediction.

Hustle Belt: Time for the only predictions that matter: Our staff's. Here at the Belt, its not often we all agree on something. Such was not the case with this game. Having seen Ohio play all season, we all have a solid grasp on who this team is. It is not the team we all thought it would be, and is not one any of us think is capable of slowing down an offense far superior to those it was torched by down the stretch of the season. We spared any score predictions in this one. Let's just say, we have little faith it will be interesting past halftime.