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2013 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: Predictions for Bowling Green vs. Pittsburgh

It's a mixed bag of predictions as some people wisely choose Bowling Green, while others lean towards the Panthers, who needed a blocked extra point just to get into a bowl game. What is this world coming to?

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bowling Green Falcons and Pittsburgh Panthers are set to square off in the 2013 Little Caesars Pizza Bowl later today. What do the experts think? Let's take a look...

SB Nation: Four of the six writers picked Bowling Green. Only Bud Elliott and Luke Zimmermann strayed to the Panthers' side, but what do they know? Well, plenty, obviously. Elliott is 5-1 so far, while Zimmermann is a very respectably 4-2. And both would be even better if Washington State had not completely crapped the bed against Colorado State. Bill Connelly...

CBS Sports: The official preview prediction is 27-17 in favor of Bowling Green, but four of the six "experts" who were polled actually picked Pittsburgh. Kudos to Dennis Dodd and Chip Patterson for believing in #MACtion.

Athlon Sports: David Fox handled the preview and prediction for this game at Athlon. He was certainly very complementary to Pittsburgh, but when push came to shove, he chose Bowling Green as his expected winner. He believes in #MACtion, at least against one of the ACC's gazillion mediocre teams.

Bleacher Report: This prediction came out right after the bowl games were announced, but we're not going to complain, right? Sean Frye says that Bowling Green will win by two touchdowns, so you've gotta respect his respect for #MACtion, especially against the clearly inferior #ACCtion.

Sports Illustrated: Stewart Mandel picks Pittsburgh. However, you have to take his selection with a grain of salt. In his explanation, he can't even bother to get Travis Greene's yardage total correct -- the number he cites is from BEFORE the MAC Championship Game. C'mon, Stew! Bad info = a big no-no.

ESPN: Mark Schlabach picks Bowling Green by eight, and he cites Matt Johnson as "Who to Watch". Clearly, he knows what he's talking about. He also predicted the Colorado State upset of Washington State in the New Mexico Bowl. We'll ignore his other predictions at this point.

USA Today: There's a six-member panel for USA Today's picks, and they're split right down the middle on the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. Three pick the Panthers, and three pick the Falcons. The game can't end in a tie, so USA Today needs a seventh person to break this prediction deadlock. I volunteer myself.

Hustle Belt: In the only picks that really matter, 11 of our 12 polled contributors picked Bowling Green to beat Pittsburgh. I won't name names, but we've got one wet blanket in the room. For the sake of #MACtion, let's hope he's not the wise one among us all.