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UMass Fires Defensive Coordinator Phil Elmassian and Special Teams Coordinator Ted Daisher

Friday afternoon news broke that UMass has chosen to part ways with embattled second-year head coach Charlie Molnar after going 2-22 in his first two seasons and dealing with some off-field controversies as well. Now according to Bob McGovern of Maroon Musket the Minutemen have released defensive coordinator Phil Elmassian and linebackers and special teams coordinator Ted Daisher as well. According to USA Today's coaching salary database Elmassian was actually the second highest paid assistant coach in the MAC for the 2013 season. His base salary was $168,394.

All told this brings the number of UMass football coaches fired in the past month. The Minutemen released their offensive coordinator and their receivers coach at the begining of the month. What happens to the rest of the staff? We;; according to McGovern the school will try to keep them on with the new coaching staff, or they will buy them out.

All told this has been a rocky transition to the FBS for UMass, especially over the past month. Five coaches fired, several key players transferring, and more grumblings about wether or not the transition is worth the effort.

Happy Boxing Day UMass fans!